The American Effect: Global Perspectives on the United States, 1990-2003

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The global perception of America and Americans is having a profound effect on the course of world history. From the widespread embrace of American popular culture in every corner of the world - especially American music and films - to the intense antagonism towards American liberalism, individualism and free-market economics that has led, in part, to such hostile acts as the World Trade Centre and Pentagon attacks, America has increasingly become the object of obsession - whether by awe, envy or hate - for millions of people around the world. This volume, which accompanies an exhibition at the Whitney Museum in New York, explores a wide range of global images of American society and culture, illuminating the powerful stereotypes that comprise both idealized and demonized views of America. America has, for decades, been content to remain relatively unaware of how it is perceived in the broader world. The works featured in the book include a variety of media, such as drawing, film, installation, internet art, painting, sculpture and video, as well as popular culture items such as posters, advertisements and other ephemera. The works are from countries throughout the world, either by non-American citizens working in America or abroad, or by American citizens working abroad. All of the works are current and reflect attitudes about America from 1990 to 2003.

by : Tariq Ali