To Catch the Wind: A Photographer's Journey

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You're invited to embark on a remarkable journey.

Not only a visual pilgrimage across North America, but a journey deep into the heart of the photographer who captured the stunning images of nature & wildlife that took years to accomplish. The book features more than 100 of the breathtaking images that have earned Kirkpatrick international acclaim. These dramatic images share the page with intimate passages from Kirkpatrick's personal journals in what the photographer describes as "my most heartfelt work."

See the contrast of color in a field of yellowtop with an Indigo Bunting among its flowers. Feel the burst of energy a white-tailed deer exerts as he crashes through a southern swamp. Hear the silence as light snowflakes cover the fragile structure of a spiders web. Stumble upon the rare, if non-existant, (blue)green frog!

More than just a collection of memorable photographs, To Catch the Wind is a moving, intensely personal memoir - a work as thought provoking as it is inspirational, as touching as it is beautiful.

Truely a photographer's journey.

by : Marlo Sibley and Heidi Allen