Buddhist Masters Milarepa: The Tibetan Poet Mystic and His Songs

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Milarepa's story was written in the twelfth century by his disciple Rechungpa in Tibet. There are several versions of it. All end with the scene of old Milarepa who summons his disciples at his death bed and addresses them with these words: "Trust and pay attention to the law of karma that regulates causes and effects. Remember the impossibility to foresee our death and the punishments of the worldly life. Those who are full of wordly desires cannot do anything for other people's sake and cannot be helpful even to themselves. Since space is unlimited and creatures are innumberable, you will always have the chance to act to advantage of others, when you are in a position to do it. Start by occupying the last place, give up clothes, food and words. Load your bodies with hard work, and your minds with duties." This biography of Milarepa is illustrated with drawings depcting various stages of his life.

by : Sunita Pant Bansal