Modern Locomotives

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Modern Locomotives examines how the demands of commerce spurred General Electric and General Motors' Electro-Motive Division to develop 25 remarkable locomotives capable of ever-greater speeds and tractive effort. Fabulous photographs from Solomon's own archive and those of his colleagues showcase these high-horsepower locmotives as they negotiate mountain grades, lonely stretches of desert, small towns, and major cities across the United States and Canada. Many of the giant diesels in this book employ the most sophisticated computer technologies available, they also recall the golden age of railroading, allowing readers to experience the raw power and deafening din of enormous machines moving 10,000-ton trains across the landscape. 

This stunningly photographed book describes the modern diesels that are seen on American and Canadian tracks, and shows them in all their brutish glory, hauling a variety of rolling stock. The size of the hardcover book makes it both an informative reference book packed wtih information, but also a beautiful book to share and display for train enthusiasts.

by: Brian Solomon