The Genesis Genealogies: God's Administration in the History of Redemption

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One simply cannot overstate the importance of Genesis as the foundational paradigm for all Christian thinkingaI heartily recommend this insightful work. --Dr. Frank A. James III, Ph.D., D.Phil. President, Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando, Florida A marvelous and celebrated achievementaI joyfully recommend The Genesis Genealogies to all the churches of the world. --Dr. Andrew J. Tesia, Ph.D., President, The Research Institute of Reformed Theology, Los Angeles As anyone who's researched his or her family tree knows, a basic part of understanding one's ancestors is knowing when they were born, how long they lived, and when they died. Here, in The Genesis Genealogies. ..that crucial core information about the forebears of Christianity. The former moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Korea, Rev. Abraham Park, has meticulously analyzed the information in the Book of Genesis. Taking the precise date references in Genesis and performing math calculations forward and backward in time, Park builds a complete chronological timeline from Adam to the Exodus. But understanding the actual timing of events is only a start. Rev. Park then shares decades of his biblical scholarship to help us more deeply understand the layers of meanings that the text offers us. Features commentaries by a range of biblical scholars and includes appendices of fascinating supporting details, as well as a handy index.

by : Abraham Park