Whole Health for Happy Cats

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If it were a simple choice, many people would choose to treat and care for their pets with natural therapies. Unfortunately, most cat care-givers find the expectations and requirements of natural pet health care fairly imposing and outside their reality in regards to cat care. Unlike the other resources on the subject, Whole Health for Happy Cats provides readers with the basic information to enable them to ask the right questions as well as find the right answers for their cat and their lifestyle. For individuals interested in caring for their cat without the use of drugs or chemicals, Whole Health for Happy Cats will enable them to incorporate holistic treatments into their lifestyle and benefit from reduced health care costs and a longer and healthier life for their cat. Although the book's approach is organic, it also presents well-documented health facts and research so that cat owners can make the very best decisions for their cat's lifelong health and well-being

by: Sandy Arora