Pandora Brown

$7.05 USD

by: Mary Sheldon 

From acclaimed author Mary Sheldon comes a novel of ambition and desire, played out against the bright lights of Hollywood. It is the story of a woman who outgrows her life, only to discover a new one--with new dangers--just around the corner... Growing up in Palm Springs, Pandora Brown had daydreams that couldn't be contained in the small desert town. She yearned for something more fun, more glamorous, more fulfilling--like her uncle's life as a Hollywood agent. If wishes came true, that's where she'd be... And suddenly, Pandora is given her chance. Her uncle dies unexpectedly, leaving Pandora his agency. With childhood sweetheart Gary along for the ride, Pandora shakes the desert sand off her feet and heads for Los Angeles. But the little girl from Palm Springs has a lot to learn about Hollywood, particularly the backstabbing, cutthroat world behind the scenes. She turns to her uncle's beautiful young assistant for help. But the savvy, charismatic Lori has her own selfish--and vengeful--motives. She encourages Pandora's interest in the dashing owner of the talent agency upstairs, a harmless crush that results in a deadly obsession. And when Pandora falls into a passionate affair with a stuntman, the love triangle is destined for disaster... Deftly narrating from the perspectives of Pandora herself, the man who has always loved her, and the woman who will do anything to destroy her, Mary Sheldon weaves a hypnotic tale of lost innocence and hard-won experience in a place where dreams are made--and broken--in the blink of an eye.