Rosa's New Mexican Table

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Roberto Santibanez introduces readers to the basics of preparing tortillas and salsas, cooking with chillies, and techniques for stuffing enchiladas, slow-cooking achiote pork, and making perfect Mexican rice. There's chilli-marinated grilled steak and chilli-spiced croutons, quesadillas filled with roasted poblanos, Veracruz-style fish, and an avocado soup seasoned with mint and citrus juice. Santibanez redefines the classics with inventive twists and turns, making classic guacamole plus two variations - shrimp with crabmeat, and a grape and mango version. From ceviche to coconut flan, the flavours are sweet, smoky, crisp, and spicy, making this fresh and accessible cookbook a delicious experience.

by : Roberto Santibanez