The Cleveland Clinic Guide to Arthritis

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Get Help for Your Arthritis and Preserve the Quality of Your Life!
If you’re one of the 46 million Americans who suffer from arthritis, here’s some welcome news: you don’t have to live with your pain or accept it as part of getting older. You can make the decision today to get the facts about arthritis.
In The Cleveland Clinic Guide to Arthritis, Dr. John Clough shares insights, discoveries, and inspiring stories from his 43-year career as one of America’s foremost arthritis specialists. In these pages, you’ll get medical advice to help you live with arthritis and maintain your quality of life. Inside you’ll find advice to help you:

Discover the best possible treatments, with the most positive outcomes and the least side effects.

Understand the different types of arthritis, from the common rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis to fibromyalgia, gout, and more unusual types.

Know what to expect, both in the short term, when it comes to tests, treatment options, and medication side effects, and in the long term, when it comes to your prognosis and quality of life.

Get the facts about diet and exercise and how they can affect your arthritis treatment.

Find inspiration and encouragement from the stories of people who found relief through effective arthritis treatment.

Cleveland Clinic is ranked consistently among the top hospitals in America by U.S. News & World Report. Its rheumatology program, ranked 2nd in the country, is a trusted source for arthritis information and is spearheading advanced research into this condition.
by: MD John D. Clough