The Cleveland Clinic Guide to Sleep Disorders

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From the nation’s top-ranked clinic for neurology, the most important health information and advice on how to avoid and cope with or overcome sleep disorders

Get a Good Night’s Sleep!

If you are one of the more than 50 million Americans who struggle with chronic sleep deficiency, you know a good night’s sleep is critical for a healthy, happy life. If you can’t fall asleep or stay asleep, or if you wake up feeling exhausted, help has arrived.

In The Cleveland Clinic Guide to Sleep Disorders, Dr. Nancy Foldvary-Schaefer, one of the foremost sleep experts from one of the nation’s first sleep centers, shares stories and lessons from her experiences. You’ll discover how to:


  • Recognize when you have a sleep disorder, and learn the first steps for treating the problem. You’ll get detailed information about the most common sleep disorders.
  • Understand the connection between sleep and your health. Many of us regard sleep as optional, but in reality, sleep is as important to our health as are proper diet and exercise
  • Get the latest scientific research on sleep disorders, including diagnostic sleep testing, drugs, and treatments.  Even if you’ve struggled with sleep loss for years, new treatments are now available that may offer you profound relief.
  • Improve your sleep habits by enhancing your diet and exercise routines.

Cleveland Clinic is ranked consistently among the top hospitals in America by U.S. News & World Report. Professionals within its Sleep Disorders Center annually conduct more than 4,000 overnight sleep studies in multiple locations.

by: Nancy Foldvary-Schaefer