From the Very Big Desk of Business Cartoons

$7.05 USD

by : Charles Barsotti

The clean, spare lines, looping oversized noses, and sharp wit of Charles Barsotti's business cartoons have been a staple at the New Yorker for more than three decades. Featuring angry, fist- pounding bosses, hapless, undersized underlings, and deadpan secretaries making outrageous utterances--these are among the cleverest and most searing business cartoons out there. Just tell them it's 'other people,' as in 'other people's money,' an irate executive barks into the telephone. I can't believe it, a punk like me laying off an industry legend like you, a young businessman muses to his soon-to-be-ex boss. Would you like a little phone sex while you hold? a middle-aged secretary inquires.People on every step of the corporate ladder, from office temp to CEO, will identify with the hilarious scenarios in Barsotti's brilliant sketches. This is the first book of Barsotti business cartoons, and it will be a perennial Father's Day and graduation gift