The Little Web Cam Book: Window and Macintosh Version

$4.23 USD


With today's low-cost digital video cameras, it's easy, cheap, and fun to record your family's special occasions and everyday antics--and keep in touch with those who can't be there to share them with you in person. It's no wonder these tiny cameras are so popular: They retail in the USD50-to-USD200 range, connect easily to PCs and Macs, and offer endless possibilities. Whether you're a new or prospective owner, The Little Web Cam Book will help you unlock the potential of these versatile digital tools. Follow the simple instructions in the book, and you'll learn how to choose the best camera, post your footage on the Web, and even create your own personal videoconference with family, friends, and colleagues around the globe. The Little Web Cam Book not only gives you sound technical advice on setting up and getting started, it also offers a wealth of fun project ideas.

by : Elisabeth Parker