The Clean Tech Revolution

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Around the world, renewable energy and other clean energy, transportation, water, and materials technologies are now moving solidly into the mainstream, affecting millions of lives. Long considered the alternative province of altruistic environmentalists and scientists on research grants, clean tech has emerged as an increasingly lucrative business. In fact, at a time when we face increased challenges from high energy prices, record deficits, and global security challenges, clean tech promises to be the next big engine of economic growth.In The Clean Tech Revolution , authors Ron Pernick and Clint Wilder uncover how businesses, investors, and individuals stand to profit from the next wave of clean tech innovation. They show how clean technologies - everything from the familiar solar energy and hybrid electric cars to the more obscure cellulose-based ethanol and ultraviolet-based water purification - have opened up unprecedented opportunities for wealth creation, high-growth career development, and innovative solutions to a range of global problems. A groundbreaking, must-read book for those looking to understand and profit from the clean technologies that are reshaping our fast-changing world.

by : Ron Pernick