101 Ideas Colour

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This irresistible book takes the mystery, out of choosing and using colour in the home, and offers all the practical advice and insight you need to guide you from the initial inspiration, through to stunning finishing touches. Unlike so many books on this subject, 101 Ideas for Colour avoids the temptation to overload the reader with seemingly unrelated images, and information and is cleverly structured so that key concepts and essential information are instantly accessible and engaging. It includes features on the 5 key sources of colour inspiration, 5 tips for colour in a space with no natural light, and top 10 colours to suit the mood. In the first section, The Big Picture, the author explains the idea of what colour is, and provides a practical guide to working with colour using swatches, and using colour to enhance or conceal. The second part, Getting Down to Detail focuses on colour and space throughout the home, explores a wide range of popular colour schemes, and explains how to deal with all the architectural details of a room such as pipes, radiators, furniture, windows, pictures, lamps, cushions and throws. Finally, Keeping It Fresh is packed with clever makeover tips, to help keep your colours fresh and keep surfaces clean so the colours stay true.

by : Vinny Lee