Swine Flu/H1N1 - The Facts: World Edition

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This title is suitable for parents, and anyone else who is concerned about swine flu. A shortage of reliable information about the swine flu epidemic has left many parents anxious and confused. This clear and concise book presents the key facts about swine flu, and explains in plain and simple English what every parent needs to know about the virus. The author, a leading figure in the field of child health, draws upon his considerable experience to answer some of the most pressing questions, including: What is swine flu? Just how dangerous is it? What are the symptoms? What treatments are available? Is swine flu more dangerous in children and, if so, why? What can we learn from past pandemics? The book includes simple tips to help children avoid contracting swine flu, and a list of FAQs with clear and down-to-earth answers. This authoritative guide is a must-read for any parent who feels confused about swine flu, or worried about how best to protect their child over the coming months.

By Stephenson, Terence