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When it was first released in Europe, L’Effroyable Mensonge sold over 200,000 copies in France and became an instant bestseller. In his follow-up book Pentagate, Thierry Meyssan elaborates on what he believes are serious inconsistencies between observations of the damage to the Pentagon and the official explanation of what happened there. In fact, he questions such basic elements as whether or not the Pentagon was hit by a plane at all. In reality, Meyssan argues that the Pentagon was the target of a guided missile, fired on as the result of a right-wing conspiracy within the United States government. The evidence that supports the author’s arguments includes eyewitness accounts and commentary by a military authority on explosives. However, most of the narrative consists of the author’s own analyses of the reports by politicians and journalists as well as film footage of the sites. Photos are included in both books.

by: Thierry Meyssan