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The View: Mind Over Matter, Heart Over Mind -

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Twenty-NINE influential thinkers present their own vital messages about the changes that are happening and the changes that must happen as we move fully into a new world consciousness. Symbolic of the changes is the year 2012, the year the ancient Mayan Calendar simply ends. It is probably best to think of it, though, as the great symbol of a new beginning. THE VIEW adds greatly to our understanding about this watershed, beginning from the simple question, How do we take charge of the change?. THE VIEW also offers a look forward and back at what has led us to the brink of a new spirituality in life heart over mind: the movement that was once called simply the New Age. It begins with one of the worlds great pioneers. In 1919 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle published a call to the world to take up the challenges death and the afterlife offered, and acknowledge a spiritual framework wider than any church then offered. He called his book THE VITAL MESSAGE, and from the start he made at changing peoples consciousness much of the inspiration of other writers has unfolded. This book celebrates the 150th anniversary of his birth, on 22nd May 1859. The Aquarian Age, another term for our evolving consciousness, is radical in its ideas: distrustful of large organizations, thriving when it works in small groups, respectful of diversity and counter-cultures. It is also faced with dramatic new problems - sustainability in a threatened world, for instance - and huge intellectual opportunities, such as the new physics. THE VIEW makes it plain that while we may harness science, science cannot do without the simple human understanding that comes from the heart. The new spirituality is thus personal, but it is authentic. In different ways the contribution

By: Dave Patrick