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Ecstatic Healing:

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Understanding ecstatic spirit possession for physical and spiritual healing - Details the author's direct experiences working with Brazilian miracle healer John of God (Joao de Deus) and African high shaman Credo Mutwa - Includes stories of psychic surgery, spirit possession, and shamanic healing rituals - Explains how each of us is capable of miraculous healing Margaret De Wys first became aware of ecstatic trance healing when she was a young girl fascinated by the rapture of the Holy Rollers. However, it would be decades before she would be called to explore that early fascination. At a gathering in Upstate New York thirty years later she was spontaneously possessed by a sacred Zulu necklace--a gift from one of the most powerful shamans in Africa, Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa. Frightening yet exhilarating, the experience set her on a search to understand the depths of ecstatic healing. Margaret journeys to Brazil to work with famous healer John of God (Joao de Deus), where she witnesses hundreds of miraculous healings through psychic surgery.

by : Margaret De Wys |