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Proud Spirit: Lessons, Insights & Healing from 'The Voice of the Spirit World'

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Rosemary uses revealing episodes from her own personal life, as well as stories gathered from her work as a spiritual medium and a healer, to illuminate our understanding of what happens when we die: Will our human personalities survive death intact? Are people in the spirit world affected by the actions of their loved ones on earth? Can suicide cause someone to turn away from the light? Will we be reunited with our cherished pets on the other side? These questions, among others, are answered. But in Proud Spirit Rosemary goes beyond the landscape of death, presenting exquisitely simple teaching stories that shine a light on human conduct. We meet the heroic bystander who intrudes to defend a small boy against his father's verbal abuse, the daughter who rapes her father by callously rejecting his apology, and the woman who learns that self-denigration is too great a price to pay for a relationship. In a provocative section called The Laws of the Universe, Rosemary and Grey Eagle address some of the most divisive issues of our time, including racial prejudice, abortion, and homosexuality. Sure to initiate discussion and debate, Rosemary asks whether the Ten Commandments are relevant today, as she surveys the many religious traditions of the world.

by : Rosemary Altea