One Less Thing to Worry about: Uncommon Wisdom for Coping with Common Anxieties

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Nearly all women worry, but how much is too much? A pioneer in the field of anxiety helps us determine what's normal, what's excessive, and what we can do to make worrying work to our advantage When it comes to anxiety in women, there is a very broad spectrum for what is normal. However, it is sometimes hard to know if your worry is healthy, or if it might be working against you and could one day make you physically sick. Based on nearly thirty years of clinical practice, pioneering anxiety specialist Jerilyn Ross has identified four archetypal female coping styles. In One Less Thing to Worry About she helps every woman pinpoint her type and, most importantly, live with less apprehension. One Less Thing to Worry About offers practical questionnaires, illuminating examples, and unique tools to curb debilitating anxiety and empowers women to convert it to a more constructive kind of worry. The Ross Prescription includes: - Markers to identify your mechanism for dealing with anxiety--are you impulsive, adaptive, a preventer, or a fugitive - Insights into the role of female hormones and anxiety--how and when they affect the way women worry - An Eight Point Technique to harness worry and make it work in a beneficial way - Tips for managing daily anxieties in the moment

By: Jerilyn Ross