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Carol Smillie's Working Mum's Handbook

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Description of this Book

Carol Smillie manages to combine a hectic broadcasting career with bringing up her three young children - Christie, Robbie and Jodie. She knows all about the pleasures and pains of being a working mum. With the help of Eileen Fursland, she has put together this handbook, which looks at the practical problems and emotional issues that face all of us when we go back to work - whether we've been at home for six months or six years. The ideas and information in this book aim to help you to: achieve the work-life balance that is right for you and your family; get organised and managed your time at home and work; and know your rights to maternity leave and pay, parental leave and tax credits. In addition it offers advice on how to keep your family life and relationships happy and fulfilling; find a job about a career break; survive the nine to five; choose childcare to suit you and your child; streamline household chores, cooking and entertaining; and tackle the thorny issues like guilt, stress and sleep (or lack

By: Carol Smillie