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Bully-Proofing Children : A Practical, Hands-On Guide to Stop Bullying

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Bully-Proofing Children is a comprehensive guide on the pervasive issue of bullying in our culture. Written by a school counselor who has worked with parents and teachers on this concern, and her daughter, who still remembers experiencing and witnessing bullying as an adolescent, this book presents easy-to-follow solutions for all educators, parents, and caretakers, who can use the questioning techniques, scripts, tips, and stories to deal with this timeless subject. Children of all ages will relate to the real-life stories and their thought-provoking messages about friendship. They will also identify with the themes, characters, and feelings as they gain insight on why bullying and teasing occur and how to address the problem. These stories can be used to open communication on this often-avoided issue.

by: Joanne Scaglione