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Bathrooms: Simply Add Water

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Terence Conran presents the full range of options for bathroom design and decoration. As an essentially fitted area, the bathroom must accommodate a number of fixed elements in such a way as to make the best use of available space. A section on planning and layout provides practical guidance for servicing, siting and layout. An extensive design section discusses a wide range of different bathroom approaches and options, from generous 'living' bathrooms to wet rooms, home spas, small bathrooms and outdoor showers and hot tubs, each with a detailed case study that demonstrates a variety of original solutions and provides inspiration for change. Bathrooms includes a comprehensive directory of the options available and includes a compendium of materials and finishes suitable for bathroom application to promote informed choice.Also included are plenty of clever ideas for revamping and updating your existing bathroom. Bathrooms will over you inspiration, advice and practical solutions. Getting away from it all begins at home.

by : Terence Conran