Ancient Civilizations of the Americas

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The 'salmon-fishers' of North America, the nomadic tribes of the great central plains, and the highly cultured civilizations of Mesoamerica and the Andes are integral components of an extraordinary time in history. Beginning with the emergence of the first civilizations around 1200 BC, this book covers one of the most dynamic periods of America's history. As a huntergatherer way of life gave rise to agriculture, the emerging civilizations began producing cultural artefacts such as pottery, metalwork and textiles, which encouraged trade and, ultimately, prosperity. Religion served to unite peoples from diverse regions, but also led to warfare when seizing captives for sacrifice. This book investigates both the peaceful and violent aspects of ancient American civilizations and uses the most recent information to bring to life these fascinating cultures, some of which flourished until just a few centuries ago. In ancient North and South America extraordinary civilizations rose, flourished and fell. The Mayan pyramids and the ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru and Teotihuacan in Mexico remain a testament to these cultures. Ancient Civilizations of the Americas tells the remarkable story - beginning between 13,000 and 50,000 years ago, when humans first ventured from Asia to Alaska and ending with the Indian Wars of the nineteenth century. The book traces the migration of peoples across North and South America, and investigates the impressive artistic and architectural achievements that followed. Civilizations emerged with well-established religions and economies, proven agricultural methods and trade routes, and craftsmen capable of producing gold, silver and pottery artefacts of sublime beauty.

By: Antony Mason