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Wine Country USA: Touring, Tasting, and Buying at America's Regional Wineries

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Did you know that upstate New York produces outstanding Riesling? Or that in Michigan you can find some of the best sparkling wines in the world? How about Texas's Hill Country, which yields a Tempranillo to rival Spain's finest? Today, respectable high-quality wineries have sprung up all across the country. It's not all about California anymore. In fact, chances are there is a tasting trail where you can explore lovely wines within just a day's drive—no matter where you live.

Wine Country USA is the first and only book to cover this new phenomenon. In ten "Vine Routes" features, you can map out your trek choosing among recommended vineyards—from Pennsylvania's Brandywine Valley to Virginia's Piedmont, from Colorado's Grande River to California's Napa Valley. And, as any wine-lover will tell you, land that's good for grapes is land that's good for hiking, driving, and sight-seeing. Gorgeous photography of these picturesque areas will seduce you into planning a visit. Also included are "Labels to Look For" columns that serve as a guide for buying, either at the tasting room or in your hometown. Whether you're a serious oenophile looking to build your home cellar, an occasional wine-drinker wanting to expand your repertoire, or just a curious day-tripper out for a fun adventure, Wine Country USA provides a comprehensive and indispensable guide to enjoying America's blossoming regional wine culture.

By: Matthew Debord