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The Last Lama Warrior: The Secret Martial Art of Tibet

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The first book in English to reveal the principles and techniques of the Tibetan martial art of Senguei Ngaro - Written by the last holder of the Senguei Ngaro to receive this teaching from its last surviving master - Reveals the postures, rules, and teachings of this martial art rooted in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition Senguei Ngaro, which means the lion's roar, is a traditional martial art that was born in the Kham region of Tibet and was secretly handed down by its lineage of warrior monks from the fifteenth century until 1956, when Chinese soldiers destroyed the monastery and massacred all the monks. The superior of the monastery, Lama Bui, survived and fled to the West where he taught it to Lama Tra, the teacher of the author of this book. Today Yogi Tchouzar Pa is the keeper and guardian of this almost vanished tradition. Senguei Ngaro consists of a series of 86 movements and 10 techniques inspired by animal behavior.

by : Yogi Tchouzar Pa