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The Magical I Ching

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It's one of the oldest books on Earth, and it has a message for you. The I Ching is a mystical collection of ancient wisdom, generally explained as a simple look-up-the-answer method of fortune telling. Now, J.H. Brennan reveals to Western practitioners the magical spiritual techniques behind this most ancient oracle, in The Magical I Ching.

This is a unique, exciting, and easy-to-use version of the ancient oracle. Using the information in The Magical I Ching, you will be able to contact the spirit sage waiting to tell you the inner meaning of any of the six-line symbols you bring forth (the hexagrams) and how that meaning can change your life.

The Magical I Ching explains the history of the I Ching and how to develop the symbols by using several different methods, including using six sticks or wands, sixty-four wands, eight coins, or the popular three-coin technique. The book analyzes each of the possible sixty-four hexagrams that form the basis of the oracle, in clear, modern language anyone can understand.

That is just the beginning. The I Ching has survived for so long because of its spirituality. You'll learn how to use the book to enter astral doorways to mystic realms of reality. It will allow you to create a new framework for operations of real magic. You'll probe the deepest mysteries of Eastern esoteric thought. It even shows you ways to put your life on a new and better course.

After 5,000 years, the I Ching remains one of the most popular sources of spiritual wisdom in the world. If it puzzled you in the past, you'll be able to understand it at the deepest level possible when you read The Magical I Ching.

By: J. H. Brennan