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Young Titan

Young Titan

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The first biography focused on Winston Churchill's early career: a never-before-told account of his ambitious romantic pursuits, his outmaneuvering of rival political giants, and the fatal mistakes that would sideline him for years.The image of the older, victorious Winston Churchill of World War II has long overshadowed the story of the eager younger man who left office with his reputation in tatters. Yet in many ways the early period is the most colorful of his career and the key to his character. Michael Shelden, author of the bestselling Mark Twain: Man in White and Orwell, a Pulitzer Prize finalist and a New York Times Notable Book, digs deep in Young Titan to trace Churchill's progress between the ages of twenty-six and forty. This was an exhilarating time--full of high drama, intrigue, personal courage, and grave miscalculations. The young, passionate Winston built a modern navy, experimented with radical social reforms, made powerful enemies, and pursued some of the most beautiful women of his day. He became a husband and father, annoyed and delighted two British monarchs, risked his life as a pilot in training, and faced deadly artillery barrages on the Western front. Shelden reveals the tough lessons learned during this time--that even the best plans go awry and the best intentions may be misunderstood--and contends that Churchill's later success was predicated on his struggles to redeem the promise of his youth. Compulsively readable and illuminating, Young Titan offers a fresh and fascinating take on one of history's most iconic figures.

By: Michael Shelden

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