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Unforgettable Senior Jokes

Unforgettable Senior Jokes

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A fantastic collection of the very best senior jokes, put down on paper so that even the most senile minds can't forget them

A middle-aged man walked into a Catholic church, sat down in the confessional box and said nothing. The bewildered priest coughed to attract his attention, but still the man said nothing. The priest then knocked on the wall three times in a final attempt to get the man to speak. Finally, the man replied: "No use knocking, mate—there's no paper in this one either!"

Two elderly men walked into a bar. "Why don't we have a Guinness?" suggested one. "It's supposed to put lead in your pencil." "I guess we could try," said the other. "Although, to be honest, I've got nobody to write to." 

Filled with hundreds of unforgettable punch lines and witticisms about growing old, across such hilarious and humiliating subjects as hair loss, wrinkles, and more, this book is perfect for anyone beginning to feel their age. In gloriously irreverent manner, it celebrates the funny side of growing older—allowing readers to laugh off their forgetfulness, fading physique, and new penchant for the afternoon nap, and letting them smile at seniordom and all it entails.

By: Geoff Tibballs

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