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The Passionate Buddha: Wisdom on Intimacy and Enduring Love

The Passionate Buddha: Wisdom on Intimacy and Enduring Love

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Discusses the Buddhist meaning of true love and how to attain it in the modern world. - Interweaves Tantric Buddhist teachings with modern concerns such as monogamy and contraception. - Gives a holistic view of a healthy relationship, from physical pleasure to emotional connections and spiritual transformation. - Discusses love in the broader Buddhist concepts of karma and reincarnation. Beginning his book with the ringing question what are you waiting for? Robert Sachs goes on to interweave traditional Buddhist thought with the concerns of the modern couple. Using clear, playful language, Sachs describes the different aspects of healthy relationships within a Buddhist context. However, rather than just setting an ideal, he clarifies how Buddhist practices not only can be integrated into a modern lifestyle but also can be powerful tools for the many changes that occur in any loving relationship. Sachs also considers the role of each individual in a relationship, showing that a couple may develop or possess qualities of being an indivisible unit, but that where the real work lies is when two people are committed to grow and change with one another. He offers techniques for finding oneself both in and out of a relationship and ideas on how to deal with anger and other emotions that arise in the course of life, emotions that occur most intensely over the course of an intimate relationship. The Passionate Buddha acts as a guide for all of those fumbling toward ecstasy in today's confusing world of relationships.

by : Robert Sachs 

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