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The Muslim Brotherhood: From Opposition to Power

The Muslim Brotherhood: From Opposition to Power

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Although the popular uprisings of 2011 were not driven by Islamist forces, Islamist movements, and the Muslim Brotherhood in particular, moved quickly to fill the power vacuums that opened up with the collapse of the regimes of the region. How did they do it and how will they reconcile the need to be seen as a force for moderation with pressure already coming from their grassroots to adopt a more conservative agenda? In this authoritative analysis, Alison Pargeter follows the movement's evolution from its origins in Egypt in the 1920s up to the Arab Spring and beyond. From Egypt and Syria to Tunisia and Libya, Pargeter follows the twists and turns of the movement and its affiliates as they battled through the years of oppression under authoritarian regimes to finally become key and legitimate political actors. Pargeter examines how the Brotherhood is managing its new political role and how it is shaping its attitudes towards issues such as democracy, governance and sharia. In this revised and updated edition the author has added two new chapters to cover the events of the Arab Spring and the subsequent Egyptian parliamentary and Presidential elections. She also considers US foreign policy in light of the emergence of The Muslim Brotherhood as a powerful voice within the Egyptian parliamentary system. The volume includes interviews with key and leading members of The Muslim Brotherhood.

By: Alison Pargeter

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