The Book of Magnet Healing

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Heal Your Body Naturally with the Power of Magnets Based on ancient Chinese tradition, magnet healing is a simple, effective, and inexpensive method of pain relief. Magnets stimulate the pressure points throughout the body to increase blood flow and reduce soreness, and can ease common complaints such as lower back pain, headaches and sore joints. Magnets not only soothe chronic pain, but they also improve your natural flow of energy and restore vitality to your body and mind. While teaching you how to treat pain, The Book of Magnet Healing also offers easy-to-follow steps to balance the magnetic energy released in your everyday environment and increase your overall health. Complete with detailed color illustrations and clear instructions, The Book of Magnet Healing explains: The benefits and scope of magnet therapy Magnetism in nature and its effects on physical and mental health What the magnetic marketplace has to offer, and how to choose the right magnets for your needs How to use magnets to heal yourself and improve your home environment When to consult a magnet therapist for help and advice

By: Roger Coghill