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The Book of Job: When Bad Things Happened to a Good Person

The Book of Job: When Bad Things Happened to a Good Person

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From one of our most trusted spiritual advisers, a thoughtful, illuminating guide to that most fascinating of biblical texts, the book of Job, and what it can teach us about living in a troubled world--by far, Harold S. Kushner's most important and commercial book since When Bad Things Happen To Good People. The story of Job is one of unjust things happening to a good man. Yet after losing everything, Job--though confused, angry, and questioning God--refuses to reject his faith, although he challenges some central aspects of it, and is rewarded with abundant good fortune. Rabbi Kushner examines the questions raised by Job's experience, questions that have challenged wisdom-seekers and worshippers for centuries. What kind of God permits such bad things to happen to good people? Why does He test his followers? Can a deeply good God be all-powerful? Rooted in the text, the critical tradition that surrounds it, and his own profoundly moral thinking, Kushner's study gives us the book of Job as a lodestone for our time, teaching us about what can and cannot be controlled, about the power of faith when all seems dark, and about our ability to find God where we look for him.

by : Harold S. Kushner,

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