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The Blind Man's Garden

The Blind Man's Garden

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Love is not consolation, it is light.' From the author of Maps for Lost Lovers and The Wasted Vigil comes a searing, exquisitely written novel set in Pakistan and Afghanistan in the months following 9/11 - a story of war, of one family's losses, and of the simplest, most enduring human impulses. Jeo and Mikal, foster-brothers from a small Pakistani city, secretly enter Afghanistan: not to fight with the Taliban, but to help and care for wounded civilians. But it soon becomes apparent that good intentions can't keep them out of harm's way...From the wilds of Afghanistan to the heart of the family left behind - their blind father haunted for years by the death of his wife, by the mistakes he may have made in the name of Islam and nationhood, Jeo's steadfast wife and her superstitious mother - Aslam's prose takes us on an extraordinary journey, which culminates in a dazzling final third, a sustained and visionary passage of storytelling. Both lyrical and piercing, The Blind Man's Garden unflinchingly describes a specific yet timeless world, and powerfully evokes a place where the line between friend and enemy can be lost and where the desire to return home can burn brightest of all.

By: Nadeem Aslam

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