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The 101 Most Used Verbs In Spoken Arabic: Jordan & Palestine

The 101 Most Used Verbs In Spoken Arabic: Jordan & Palestine

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The 101 Most Used Verbs in Spoken Arabic: Jordan & Palestine is more than just a book of most used verbs. It is the definitive resource containing everything a student of Arabic needs to gain fluency in speaking and understanding the everyday language used by Arabs in the Levant (Jordan, Palestine, Syria, & Lebanon). This book contains more than 850 definitions from the 101 verbs as well as very practical sample sentences which provide crucial context learners need for mastery. Now in its expanded 3rd edition, the 101 Book will enable any student of Arabic to isolate and master these most frequently used verbs while also being able to acquire another 700 high frequency verbs found within the verb inflection charts appendix. Additionally, it contains one of the most exhaustive lists available for broken plural nouns (over 800), along with many other helpful tools. A MP3 CD is included and contains 10 hours of high quality audio. The 101 Book has been used by thousands of students, both in the classroom and for personal study. It has proven itself to be the an essential book for serious students of Arabic dialect. Author Bio: Fridrik Tiedemann has lived and worked in Jordan since 2001 and directs an Arabic language institute in the capital city of Amman. He has devoted his energies to assisting students of Arabic in their quest to learn one of the richest and most challenging languages of the world.

by : Jr. Fridrik E. Tiedemann

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