Star Warped Once Upon A Time In A Galaxy

$7.05 USD

by : A.R.R.R. Roberts

The Soddit, The McAtrix Derided, and the aptly titled The Sellamillion:
The parodies are hilarious, but the numbers are serious, with millions of copies sold. And now, in our very own time and galaxy, Star Wars finally gets its comeuppance-just in time to coincide with the release of the 6th and final film. The force is with us!

This is a satire well and truly earned: with the last chapters in the Star Wars' saga reaching new lows, the movies that have dominated popular culture for more than three decades deserve a little tweaking. Oh, sure, a long time ago, in what seems like a galaxy far, far away, there was a very good and thoroughly entertaining SF film. But that's long gone. So here it comes, a six-part mock-epic that begins in the middle of the action, pits good against evil, and features hairy co-pilots, green gurus, bizarre hairdos, steel bras, and campy robots.

In addition to his bestselling parodies, Adam Roberts has written a SF novel, Salt, which was nominated for the Arthur C. Clarke Award, as well as a number of academic works