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Spiritual Turning Points of North American History

Spiritual Turning Points of North American History

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This work builds on the foundation of the Popol Vuh, the document that retraces in mythical language the four ages, or stages of civilization, that all of America has undergone to some degree. It also moves from the Popol Vuh into later times through myths and legends of the Aztec and Iroquois. Myth and history are placed side by side in a scientific and imaginative approach that documents the correlation between pre-historical and historical periods and the spiritual events that ushered them in, as narrated in the myths and legends of North America. This approach reconciles Western analytical consciousness with the Native American language of myths and legends. All of this is placed first in the perspective of Maya spiritual tradition, and then from the perspective that the twentieth-century research of Rudolf Steiner brought to light, especially in relation to the events that took place in Central America two thousand years ago, about which only Rudolf Steiner has spoken. Spiritual Turning Points of North American History brings a fresh perspective to North American history and the meeting of European and First Nations worldviews.

By: Luigi Morelli

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