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Power of a Teacup

Power of a Teacup

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After Lissi Kaplan's beloved mother, Mimi, developed cancer, mother and daughter took tea together every day, talking, laughing, and enjoying Mimi's exquisite porcelain teacup collection. Alone and bereft after her mother's death, Lissi developed a humble passion to connect herself to the ancient tradition of porcelain painting -- the beauty, the discipline, the art. As she learned to transform a bone-white, shell-fragile cup into a miniature garden of color, Kaplan transformed herself as well, coming to find the peace she sought through this meditative art form. Through exquisite photographs, lovely color line drawings, and a warm, heartfelt story, The Power of a Teacup will both touch readers and inspire them to find their own joy in creativity.

By: Lissi Kaplan

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