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Peaceful Dwelling: Meditations for Healing and Living

Peaceful Dwelling: Meditations for Healing and Living

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Description of this Book

A cornucopia of Buddhist meditation for healing and comfort * Includes meditations for healing medical, psychological, and spiritual ailments * Provides guidance on living and dying in the here and now, while dealing with illness, stress and suffering * Offers real-life stories to instruct, inspire, and ground readers in the practice of meditation * The only meditation book to include Zen, Theravada and Tibetan traditions After a period of emotional and spiritual emptiness, the author, Madeline Ko-I Bastis began practicing meditation. Her physical energy soardd, I slept more soundly, and seemed to focus and concentrate more. Sharing her discoveries in Peaceful Dwelling. Madeline Ko-I Bastis offers various mediations for healing all kinds of medical, psychological and spiritual ailments.

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