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Palestine Is Our Home: Voices of Loss, Courage, and Steadfastness

Palestine Is Our Home: Voices of Loss, Courage, and Steadfastness

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by : Prof Nahida H Gordon 

alestine Is Our Home contains the memories of Palestinians who have suffered loss of home, community, and country at the hands of a people who themselves have suffered greatly. The suffering and loss experienced by the Palestinians, which they call Al Nakba, continues to today and is aided by countries of the West. In spite of a brutal military occupation of their country, Palestinians have kept their identity as Palestinians and through perseverance have kept their culture vibrant and alive. They continue to build their communities in spite of the daily hardships, humiliations, and death inflicted on them by the military occupation. The book contains a brief contemporary history of Palestine, short essays, first hand testimonies from Palestinians who experienced different periods of their country’s painful recent history, and chapters on the liberation art of currently occupied Palestine and on the origins of the traditional Palestinian costume. Sixty-one black and white images – maps, photographs, works of art, traditional costumes, and embroidery – serve to illustrate the narratives and chapters of the book. A discussion leader’s guide and a series of questions at the end of each section are provided to aid group discussion and reflectio

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