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Hamzeh shares some words about his book:
“I've always had this perception of the world, a perception I believed would be the ideal platform for the world. However, growing up to be the student I am today, that mindset really changed within me; I matured to some extent. The idea of an ideal society is an illusion created by those who are oppressors. No world is the perfect world, there is only imperfect perfection. I needed to share this message, and through this novel, I genuinely hope I did. In times where compassion is an abnormal aspect of life, I tried to showcase that through my novel, a glimpse of what a world filled with pure apathy would be like, a world that is horrid. This is an idea I try to evoke, and hopefully I did. All I can say is whatever the outcome is, I published my novel out of pure passion, pure heart and hardwork.”


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