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No Lovelier Death (DI Joe Faraday)

No Lovelier Death (DI Joe Faraday)

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A judge and his wife go away on holiday and lose everything. While they are away their 17-year-old daughter throws a party, it goes out of control, there is a riot, and she and her boyfriend are murdered. A massive police investigation, stretching the force's resources to breaking point, is launched with D/I Faraday in charge. The judge's neighbor who has promised to keep a eye on things while he was away feels he owes the man a debt. And he has his own reputation to think about. He wants the name of the killer. The neighbor? Bazza McKenzie, a man who made his fortune supplying the city with class-A drugs. The man in his organization charged with getting the job done? Ex D/C Paul Winter. In Graham Hurley's gripping new crime thriller Faraday and Winter are finally on the opposite sides of the law. But they're both after the same thing. Paul Winter is treading his most dangerous line yet.

By: Graham Hurley

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