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Minerva Rules Your Future

Minerva Rules Your Future

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Description of this Book

If you feel trapped, bored, or disconnected in your job--but are afraid a radical change will jeopardize your financial security or set you up for failure--you're not alone. Author Barrie Dolnick felt the same way until she took a leap of faith, left a 13-year career in advertising, and reinvented her professional self, discovering more success and fulfillment than she dreamed possible. Now Dolnick guides us through a unique, effective process for unleashing our most creative and successful selves. Combining written exercises, anecdotes, and astrology, this book explains how to harness the ancient wisdom of Minerva--goddess of the arts and strategic warfare--to design a lucrative career around your own talents. In what Dolnick calls ''the greatest bungee jump you'll ever take, '' you will crash through self-imposed barriers, revamp your spiritual journey, and abandon the joy-only-happens-on-weekends mindset. In the tradition of The Artist's Way, Minerva Rules Your Future offers a potent new blueprint for success.

By: Barrie Dolnick

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