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Memoirs of a Woman Doctor (Middle Eastern Fiction

Memoirs of a Woman Doctor (Middle Eastern Fiction

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Science proved to me that women were like men and men like animals. A woman had a heart, a nervous system and a brain exactly like a man's.' When a young Egyptian woman chooses a career in medicine over marriage and motherhood, she faces an upward struggle against her traditional family. After years getting by using the coping strategy of drawing clear lines between her true self and her work, one day a patient touches a raw nerve with the doctor. Brought up to be ashamed of her womanly body, the doctor indulges her buried desire to experience intimate relationships, albeit on her own terms. In time, she accepts that, with the right partner, it is possible to have both a family and a career - and find happiness. Memoirs of a Woman Doctor is an honest examination of a bold woman striving for more than society concedes in a male-dominated world.

by : Nawal El Saadawi (Author) 

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