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Mamaphonics: Motherhood and Creativity

Mamaphonics: Motherhood and Creativity

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A COLLECTION OF ESSAYS BY MOTHERS WHO STRUGGLE TO BALANCE FAMILIES AND CREATIVITY With a history of amazing women behind them (Toni Morrison, Kim Gordon and Diana Arbus to name but a few), the women in this anthology demonstrate that having a child isn't the end of creativity, but another beginning. MAMAPHONICS collects confessions and conversations about the exhilarating, entertaining, and difficult aspects of remaining creative while raising children. Essays range from the hilarious, such as The Rudest Muse by Lisa Peet, an illustrator and specialty baker who, by listening to her teenage son, finds new directions for her work; to the heart-wrenching Childish Things by Lori Pfeiffer, a writer diagnosed with a terminal illness during her pregnancy, who asks, If you had only six months to live, what would you write? Including voices as diverse as a transgendered teenage couple, an academic feminist, a punk rocker, and a poet, this eclectic mix of musings proves that becoming a mother is not the end but a beginning. Contributors include Ingrid Wendt, Phoebe Gloeckner, Jen Thorpe and Gayle Brandeis.

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