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Inspired Lives

Inspired Lives

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Some books on Yoga will teach you a posture, how to hold a pose. Through compelling exposition, artful photography and enlivening illustrations, Inspired lives teaches how yoga and yogic principles become part of daily life. Inspired Lives presents dynamic stories in heartfelt prose that distills the essential teachings of yoga into the art of living life. The best of the first six years of ascent magazine, Inspired Lives features interviews with some of the foremost thinkers and writers about yoga and spirituality including Georg Feuerstein, bell hooks, Yann Martel, Arundhati Roy, Joan Halifax Roshi, Tenzin Palmo, Swami Radhananda, Noah Levine and David Sylvian. As well, Inspired Lives features regular ascent magazine contributors Sarah E. Truman, Lesley M. Neilson, and Sikeena Karmali, among others. With a foreward by Kausthub Desikachar and an introduction by editor, Clea McDougall, Inspired Lives presents a 'real life' portrait of art, politics, suffering and happiness, as experienced through the lens of yoga.

by: Clea McDougall

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