Flight into Freedom and Beyond:

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Eileen Caddy, co-founder of the world famous Findhorn Community in the North of Scotland is an ordinary woman who has lived an extraordinary life. She has allowed herself to be a channel for her still small voice within that she recognises as the word of God. She has always followed it fearlessly and with total obedience. Her early life showed no sign that it would be anything other than thousands of others of her generation - marriage, children, a quiet life of domesticity and child rearing. However, when Peter Caddy burst into her life, everything changed. Eileen's life was turned upside down and the journey, both outer and inner, to Findhorn had begun. It is now 50 years ago since Eileen first heard that voice announcing Be still and know that I am God . Her life since then has not been easy. There was the hell of her dark night of the soul when life seemed to hold no more meaning for her. Losing her home and living for years in a tiny caravan next to a rubbish dump with Peter and their three boys. Eventually even losing her husband and partner to another woman - the man with whom she had worked to create the Findhorn was suddenly no longer there to support her. But somehow Eileen's faith and trust in God have helped her to adjust to all the challenges and changes in her life. Now in her 80s, she continues to be an inspiration and beacon of hope to millions around the world. She still lives in the centre of the Findhorn Community and is a source of stability, continuity and wisdom for each new generation of people drawn there.

By: Eileen Caddy