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Everything in Its Place

Everything in Its Place

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by : Marc Summers 

From the time he was in the first grade, Marc Summers feared that if his bedroom wasn't perfectly neat and his shirts didn't hang exactly one-fourth of an inch apart in the closet, something terrible would befall his parents or himself. It wasn't until many years later that the source of his anxiety became clear: like an estimated 6 million Americans today, Summers suffers the effects of obsessive compulsive disorder.

A frank and often hilarious narrative, Everything in Its Place tells the story of Summers's journey from compulsive room cleaner to family man, television celebrity, and Obsessive Compulsive Foundation spokesperson. Describing his struggle to maintain personal relationships and build a career, the ups and downs of being on medication, and what it's like to be compelled to straighten the fringes of a rug at two o'clock in the morning, here is a compellingly readable and ultimately uplifting memoir.

"In sharing his personal battle with anxiety disorders, Marc Summers gives hope and courage to the many individuals and their families who suffer from these illnesses." - Mary Guardino, Founder and Executive Director, Freedom from Fear.

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