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Work and Customs in Palestine1/1

Work and Customs in Palestine1/1

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The goal of this English translation of Volume I of Gustaf Dalman's eight-volume Arbeit und Sitte in Palästina is to make his work accessible to a much wider non-German-speaking public and so broaden interest in his work. Gustaf Dalman (1855-1941) was a German orientalist and scholar of biblical studies, Jewish law and ancient Hebrew and Aramaic. He was born in Niesky in Saxony, Germany in 1855 and died in nearby Herrenhut in 1941, after having lived for many years in Palestine. In 1902 he established in Jerusalem the Deutsches Evangelisches Institut für Altertumswissenschaft des Heiligen Landes, the German Protestant Institute of Archaeology, which he directed for many years. He was one of the most outstanding, if not the most important European scholar of Palestine, and a most prolific and meticulous writer. He produced a vast body of scholarly work in the fields of Palestinian folklore, the historical geography of Palestine and Jerusalem, Hebrew and Aramaic language and Christian theology. Arbeit und Sitte in Palästina is his opus magnum. In its eight volumes with over 3,000 pages, nearly 800 illustrations and a comprehensive bibliography, it provides an encyclopedic view of pre-industrial traditional life of the Palestinian people at the turn of the 20th century. In Volume I he describes the course of the year and day in autumn and winter (Volume I, Part One) and in spring and summer (Volume I, Part Two). For each season Volume I covers such topics as plants and animals, weather, agriculture, religious feasts and proverbs.

By: Gustaf Dalman

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