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Copy of Petra: A Panoramic Journey

Copy of Petra: A Panoramic Journey

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"Stunning panoramic views of Petra, one of the world's archaeological treasures, adorn this beautifully designed coffee table book. . . .Petra sits in the cradle of civilization, so it's seen thousands of years' worth of settlers--Greek, Roman and Byzantine cultures, with notable influence by neighboring Egyptian, Arabic and Eastern civilizations. The area's impressive array of clashing cultures notoriously relates to its reputation as an unstable region. The city was abandoned after a series of devastating earthquakes between A.D. 363 and A.D. 551, and being located in a deep and narrow desert canyon, it wasn't "discovered" by Europeans until 1812. Now, photographer Alghussain captures the sprawling richness of the ancient city with a professional eye and gear--Fuji Panorama (6x17) professional camera with 90- and 180mm lenses and Fujichrome Velvia film. Having obtained special permission from authorities to enter the site at sunrise and sunset, Alghussain exploits a magical balance of light and shadow to portray the unique architecture of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The book's perfunctory introduction includes minimal use of maps and cursory historical lessons to introduce the reader to the land, but that's just preparation for the real treat--24-inch-wide, double-page panoramas of Petra's hallowed beauty."--Page 4 of cover.

by : Kevin Opp, 2012

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